The Saudi British Trade Directory serves to identify local sources of British supplied goods and services in Saudi Arabia.
In addition
it serves as a platform for British Companies not formally represented to indicate their desire to trade in the Kingdom.
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Simon Collis"The Saudi British Trade Directory will reach a wide target audience of companies and individuals interested in doing business in the Kingdom. If you are a Saudi business looking for a UK partner this directory can give you an insight into companies from the UK who are looking for opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

I encourage companies wishing to enter and compete in the Saudi market to contact the UKTI team and look forward to celebrating even more British successes in this important growth market."

 Mr Simon Collis, HM Ambassador to Saudi Arabia


Sir John Jenkins"Saudi Arabia is the United Kingdom’s largest trading partner in the Middle East. With a population of some 28 million and GDP increasing by some 6% a year, the Saudi market is a source of high value opportunities, particularly in infrastructure, mass transport, education and healthcare.

If you are a UK company looking for opportunities in Saudi Arabia, I would advise you to contact my UK Trade & Investment team in Saudi Arabia who will be happy to help you."

Sir John Jenkins KCMG LVO, Former HM Ambassador to Saudi Arabia


Sir Tom"The UK has a strong and historic relationship with Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom remains our largest trading partner in the Middle East with UK exports of goods and services of over £6 billion in 2010. There is also considerable Saudi investment in the UK, and UK companies are pursuing a wide range of inward investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia in a range of sectors including education, healthcare, infrastructure and financial services.

There is no substitute for visiting the Kingdom to see and hear for oneself, and the Saudi British Trade Directory is an important reference point for anyone approaching the market."

Sir Tom Phillips KCMG, Former HM Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

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