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United Kingdom
Company: British Offset Office UK
Address: Cromwell House (4th Floor), Dean Stanley Street, London SW1P 3JH 
Website: www.britishoffset.com
Company Email:
Tel: 0044 3067 702 349 Fax: 0044 20 7802 2083

Contact Name: Tony Smith Job Title: Senior Executive
Tel: 0044 3067 702 346 Fax:
Email: britishoffset-snrexec@dgsap.mod.uk Mobile:

Contact Name: Sean Connor Job Title: Offset Manager
Tel: 0044 3067 702 349 Fax:
Email: britishoffset-snrexec@dgsap.mod.uk Mobile:

Business Category Company Formations and Set-up assistance
Products & Services The Saudi British Economic Offset Programme is a Government-to-Government programme between the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The British Offset Office (BOO) manages the Programme on behalf of the UK Government.
(click the flag to view record) Represented in Saudi Arabia by
British Offset Office KSA