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Saudi Arabia
Company: British Offset Office KSA
Address: P. O. Box 1003, Riyadh 11431
Website: www.britishoffset.com
Company Email:
Tel: 00966 11 445 9400 ext: 3436 Fax: 00966 11 445 9406

Contact Name: Steve Kelly Job Title: Senior Offset Manager
Tel: 00966 11 445 9400 ext: 3434 Fax:
Email: offset3@dgsap.mod.uk Mobile:

Contact Name: Saud Al Fozan Job Title: British Offset Manager
Tel: Fax:
Email: offsetksa4@dgsap.mod.uk Mobile:

Business Category Offset Office
Products & Services

The Saudi British Economic Offset Programme is a Government-to-Government programme between the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The British Offset Office (BOO) manages the Programme on behalf of the UK Government.

The primary aim of the Programme, which developed from defence equipment sales between the UK and Saudi Arabia, is to help expand the Kingdom’s economy through the creation of commercially viable and profitable joint venture projects. These projects introduce new technologies into Saudi Arabia through joint venture or licensing agreements, mobilise private capital, create much-needed jobs for Saudi Nationals and help to diversify the Kingdom’s industrial base. Although the programme is British, participation is not restricted purely to UK companies. Most countries are eligible for inclusion in the Programme.

Although the Programme has been in existence for some time, BOO remains committed to searching for ways to assist in stimulating and encouraging inward investment and will continue to strive to support the development of the economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Companies which participate in the system benefit in many ways. These include:

• Soft loans (guaranteed by BAE SYSTEMS under its BAE SYSTEMS
  Project Finance Initative (BPFI))

• High-level links with the Saudi Government reducing bureaucracy

• Specialist advice and consultancy provided by experts in a variety of sectors

• Assistance in identification of potential Saudi partners for joint ventures.

The key sectors within the Programme are Petrochemicals (excluding extraction); Pharmaceuticals; Healthcare; Engineering and Manufacturing; Spare Parts; Food and Agro technology; Utilities; Environmental projects and Mining and minerals.

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